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Ultimate Robin Collectors Costume 52Affe
# 260F5611

Ultimate Robin Collectors Costume 52Affe

380 USD

You've seen lots of superhero costumes before, and most of those are made out of some kind of spandex, and they just don't sell the whole 'vigilante with a personal code of justice' thing

The cape is also made of substantial thick material, and drapes nicely so whether you’re jumping over gaps between buildings or posing at a party you’ll always look heroic

Now get out there and inspire your fellow citizens in this Collector’s Edition Robin costume!

It’s made of a molded polyurethane that gives you a thick, muscular look

perhaps something the real Robin himself would wear as he cleans up Gotham with Batman

This thing looks legit, right out of the comics and movies.

This ultimate Robin collector’s costume isn’t like that at all

94 100