Love Controls 86053-1, Series 8600 Temperature/process Controller 81470D
# F3Ba7565

Love Controls 86053-1, Series 8600 Temperature/process Controller 81470D

802 USD

86053-1 Series 8600 Temperature/Process Controller Without Alarm, Current- output A, Relay - output B, Horizontal - placement 1/8 DIN Self-Tune PID, Fuzzy Logic Software Series 8600 Temperature/Process Controllers set a new standard for quality, ease-of-use and value

A standard 24 volt isolated, regulated power supply is included to operate most standard 4−20 mA transmitters

Standard features include Self-Tune, Fuzzy Logic, fully adjustable PID, Auto/Manual control with bumpless transfer and front panel activation key, percent output indication, peak and valley indication, loop break protection and indication

Features NEMA 4X (IP 65) Front Panel Resists Dust & Moisture Four Password Protected Security Levels Front Panel Programmability 16 Segments of Ramp/Soak with Program End Control Operates on 100−240 VAC, 132−240 VDC

NIST, 100Ω Plt

15 VDC SSR drive is standard

While a high level of standard features are included, many function setup items appear in the control menu only when the function is selected, so you don‘t have to wade through unnecessary items

DIN, 120Ω Ni Industrial, 1000Ω Plt

Most thermocouple and RTD inputs can show whole or tenth degree displays

The Series 8600 is available with single or dual setpoint outputs and can be programmed for on-off, PID or heat/cool or latching alarm

DIN; differential input (-10 to +10 mV DC) and process input (0 to 20 mA DC, 0 to 10 VDC)

Outputs include 10 amp relay, 2.5 amp SSR and 0−20 mA DC (scalable)

For process inputs, the display is fully programmable from -1999 to +9999 with selectable decimal point location

Units feature a universal input for thermocouple types J, K, E, T, L, N, B, C, S, & R; RTDs — 100Ω Plt

All outputs are isolated from the inputs

96 100