Pope Francis Visits Home & Family of Former Gendarmerie Commander Domenico Giani
Pope Francis has made a personal visit to the home and family of former Commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie, Domenico Giani. According to Vatican News, the Pontiff’s house visit to Giani’s ...

Horse Related To Secretariat In Dire Need Of Home, Family Says
WADING RIVER, NY —A woman has turned to social media to find a new home for a horse that has an amazing lineage — he's reportedly the great-great grandson of Secretariat. Christina Hoshyla ...

'We were glad to get home' - Family's disgust at state of Stoke-on-Trent park covered in goose poo
The litter and mess from geese at Hanley's Central Forest Park was so bad that the grandma feared for her grandchildren's health ...

Funeral home family wants to save lives
Tomahawk, Wis. (WAOW) — The family behind a Northwoods funeral home wants to help their community stay alive. Karen Gauerke is the funeral director at Krueger Family Funeral Home. “I do everything,” ...

Palmer Wahl St2200F-110, Soldering Iron Tester B8Ed64
# 629724611

Palmer Wahl St2200F-110, Soldering Iron Tester B8Ed64

1 455 USD

Includes: Sensor WST-02B Type K Wire probe User Manual NIST Certification and Sensor Cleaning Brush

MIL-SPEC compliant millivolts AC only test with pass/fail warning light for voltage (see video at www.palmerwahl.com/test-tools.php) Pass/fail warning light for resistance test, user selectable 2 or 5 ohms Output to recorder: 1 mV°F, 100 mV/mV, 100 mV/ohm Transient voltage spike detector detects transients over 100 mV and 1μs pulse width Built-in thermocouple connector for Type K probes, wire probe included Function selection switch for fast tests without moving the iron tip Auxiliary AC convenience outlet powers iron under test and insures common ground with the tester Comprehensive Operators Handbook with calibration instructions and troubleshooting guide ESD safe construction Wrist strap tester verifies strap integrity

The ST2200Soldering Iron Tester gives you a choice of interchangeable sensors designed for utmost accuracy

82 100