Salesforce's Marc Benioff introduces Customer 360 Truth: The 'computer science holy grail'
It's the pursuit of [the stage known as] single source of truth, and we've built that into our platform." "Now this is a computer science holy grail that we've been trying to put together for a long ...

Student Arrested For Building ISIS Propaganda Computer Program
On Thursday, the Justice Department announced it had arrested 20-year-old Thomas Osadzinski of Chicago, Illinois for creating a computer program that was devoted to copying official ISIS propaganda ...

Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff says he doesn't use a computer anymore and has been running his business from his iPhone for years
At Dreamforce in San Francisco, Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook on how everything he needs is on his iPhone.

Cerebras Systems deploys the ‘world’s fastest AI computer’ at Argonne National Lab
Cerebras Systems is unveiling the CS-1, billed as the fastest artificial intelligence computer in the world and certainly one of the most daring attempts to create a better supercomputer. And it has ...

A computer model has learned to detect prostate cancer
Using machine learning, a computer model was taught to distinguish between healthy tissues and pathology with 100 percent accuracy. The gold standard for the diagnosis of cancer is histology, during ...

How China plans to lead the computer chip industry
On a university campus on the outskirts of Hong Kong a group of engineers are designing computer chips they hope will be used in the next generation of Chinese made smart phones. Patrick Yue leans ...

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